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It is time to position your organisation as the brand of choice?

I’m Mel Lithgow, a Strategic Leadership & Communications Expert. It’s my mission to help organisations recognise the value of connecting with human beings, whether internally to their employees or externally to their clients.

Unprecedented retention rates of elusive, perfect-fit talent that’s envied by the rest of your industry

Imagine what the following 5 years would look like if your organisation embraced connection now?

Happy, loyal and motivated employees who are highly engaged, productive and effective in their jobs
Empowered managers developing & motivating teams through a coaching-focussed approach
A culture based on mutual trust and respect where it’s ok to sometimes make mistakes without losing loyalty
Consistent & continued revenue growth outperforming your competitors leading to less time and money spent on marketing and sales activities
The above isn’t just wishful thinking. It can be achieved with an open mind and your genuine appreciation for the value of human connection.

I will help you and your organisation identify a purpose that people want to connect with, build a tribe people want to be part of and stand out for all the right reasons!

Position your organisation as the brand of choice

I’ve been working in corporate for over 25 years across mining, finance, technology, healthcare & construction industries in Africa, Australia and the US. 

I’m a certified Project and Change Management Professional and have utilised these skills in disciplines including project management, change management, sales, marketing and communication roll-outs.

Embracing the value of human connection within organisations is the catalyst for a brighter future, where profound relationships drive soaring profits, thriving employees, and flourishing communities. When companies prioritize genuine connections with their employees and customers, profits become a testament to the depth of these relationships, while motivated and empowered employees fuel productivity and innovation.

Let's do this!