Create your legacy as a visionary CEO by crafting a profitable business
that stands the test of time

Two-thirds of new businesses created in Australia in the past decade have been founded by women and there has been a 46% jump in women business owners over the past 20 years

For female CEOs and executives in particular, this journey often comes with moments of self-doubt and an intense pressure to meet the exceptionally high standards we place on ourselves, or risk feeling like a failure.

The struggle is real, and the isolation it brings can be paralysing.

The Success Program was created to help female CEOs like you dive in and own your incredible potential. Activity breeds activity and mastering the essential skills for growing & guiding a successful business will grow your self-confidence, inspiring even more growth!

Are you a female CEO looking to:

Reshape your future and embrace success from every angle and embark on a journey that transforms not only your business but also your role as a CEO?

Develop your CEO capabilities like never before, while also unlocking your ability to lead with confidence and drive your organisation towards the heights you’ve been dreaming of?

Elevate your leadership expertise, fortify your brand's presence, secure your businesses' legacy and achieve unparalleled alignment?

Embark on a transformational experience that propels your leadership confidence & illuminates a clear path for you and your team?

Build a business that flows with ease instead of hustle?

Uncover the essence of your leadership

The Success Program

Becoming a leader isn't just about a title. It's about embracing a leadership mindset and finding your purpose.

You start by seeing yourself as a leader, and this belief grows more over time. As your leadership skills develop and you take on more challenges, you get more comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone and going after things you never thought possible.

Your leadership identity may start off small, but it can grow into something much more meaningful if it’s given the right nurturing.


The Success Model

The Success Model is tested and proven and leaders who have embraced the steps have seen rapid levelling-up.

Good leaders know better than to be a one-person army. You can't fight battles on all fronts, but with the Success Model, you'll have an army of unicorns that will help you conquer the market.

As the CEO, you're the visionary who sees the big picture. Sometimes you need binoculars to get a better view and The Success Model acts as a giant magnifying glass that helps you spot opportunities you never knew existed.

Having the big-picture support will enable you to take your business to new heights and building an A-team ensures you'll stay there.

Watch as your business takes off, leaving the competition in the dust. It's time to unlock your own growth as well as a world of opportunities and revenue!

The Success Program In Action

Level 1

As CEO you are working hard, but the pressure of everything you're supposed to be doing while building the organisation from scratch is leaving you overwhelmed.

You’re struggling to see what the next step should be to get you started on the path to success. Your business may be stagnant or even regressing. You realise that reaching out to peers or expert service providers for assistance is key.

Level 2

It's time to re-set. Consulting peers or an expert, you interrogate and re-define your plan for the future of your organisation. Some action is taken but there's still so much missing.

Level 3

You're getting lost again in the day-to-day. It's difficult to see how the unfocussed actions you're taking now will move the needle towards success.


Level 4

Getting clarity on your business goals allows you to break down the activities required to get there, as well as what resources, processes and systems you'll need to support and sustain the organisation in the long run.

The renewed focus, energy, and targeted activities means more excited and engaged customers and teams!

Level 5

Your organisation accelerates to the next level. The trajectory is onward and upward. You are laser focussed, your team is dialled-in and passionate and clients are thrilled. Success is easily replicated and scaled and you are able to easily adjust to any market challenges that may arise.

You’ll walk away from the
Success program with:

  • The self confidence to step into your role as leader.
  • The ability to lead your team with conviction and inspiration.
  • Clear direction for yourself and your team that aligns it with goals and a shared vision.
  • Alignment of your strategic aspirations with actionable steps.
  • Resilience skills to navigate any challenge or uncertainty with confidence.
  • Streamlined operations that function with minimal supervision.
  • A harmonious workplace that nurtures a positive culture of collaboration, open communication, and support among team members.
  • A business that flows with ease and encourages visionary thinking.
  • Transformational leadership skills that enable you to drive change and embrace new opportunities.

This program is ideal for you if:

You’re new to the role of CEO or your business has grown to the extent that you now need to engage a team in order for it to flourish.

You’re struggling to translate your overall strategy into day-to-day tasks. This is stopping you from growing your team or handing over responsibility to others.

You’re grappling with isolation, lacking an executive team to share your thoughts and plans with.

You value having a reliable advisor and ally at your side, ready to challenge your thinking and pushing you to achieve your best.

You’re ready for a transformational experience that will propel your leadership confidence, illuminate your path, and guide you in creating a business that exudes ease and excellence.


You don’t value the impact of a well-functioning team.

You’re happy trying to do it all on your own.

You prefer making decisions independently.

You already have an existing network of advisors.

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