The VIP Strategy Day Experiences are crafted exclusively for ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners who refuse to let overwhelm dictate their success.

This isn’t just any ordinary workshop. It’s a powerful opportunity to regain control, refocus your energy, and amplify your business success.

You’ll get:

Time to focus on the goal of the day without distractions getting in the way.

Time to create action steps you can take away, put into action and complete!

Crystal clarity on which activities will move you towards your goals the quickest and cancel out the noise.

As well as:

The feeling of being in total control of your business instead of the other way around.

Reducing the feeling of overwhelm when it comes to daily business-as-usual tasks.

Supercharged focus and confidence.

Reinvigorating your love for your business.

Multitasking and daily interruptions take away from the strategic thinking that powers business progress and growth. The reason people find immense success with VIP days is because they’re able to dedicate extended focused time to a specific topic without the day-to-day noise.

At the end of the day you’ll leave with:

  • Clarity on where you’re headed and why. You’ll be reconnected to your vision and you’ll know what your next steps are 
  • A doable step by step Focus Map on what actions to take and when. This will likely be in the form of visual notes we’ve created together and will be completely customised to you.


  • Your specific goals over the next 90 days, or quarter by quarter for the next 12 months
  • A personal development roadmap of what improvements you need to succeed in your business
  • Clarity on who your ideal client REALLY is and how you’ll best serve them
  • A plan for standing out more in a noisy market
  • Proven ways to increase your confidence and ability to lead your business without the constraints of imposter syndrome
  • And much more (remember it’s tailored to you) 
  • A week or two after our VIP Day we schedule a call to go over any questions and fine-tune your action plan.

The VIP Strategy Day Experience is ideal for you if:

You’re looking for a quick & targeted plan instead of a longer term coaching commitment.

You’re overflowing with ideas and dreams but you’re not sure where to start to make them happen.

You find yourself constantly going around in circles, stopping and starting and never seeming to make progress.

You want to work with someone who can shine a light on the realistic opportunities before you.

You know you need to stop and re-evaluate what you’re doing while creating a plan to catapult your business growth.

The VIP Strategy Day Experience ISN’T ideal for you if:

You want someone else to work for you.

You don’t want to go deep into understanding what’s really holding you back.

You’re not open minded and ready to explore a range of possibilities that can change your life & business.

You don’t want your thinking to be challenged.


  • You’ll receive a xxx questionnaire to complete before your VIP session. The progress you make during the day is completely dependant on the commitment you’re willing to put in. This includes the pre-work so make sure to give it the time & focus it deserves.


  • Your experience kicks off to the smell of fresh coffee and xx. We’ll start by confirming our approach for the day and getting your most pressing issues on the table.
  • We’ll then explore all the different parts of your business: your market, your offerings, your marketing, your goals, your lifestyle, your vision, your hopes and dreams. Be ready to answer a lot of clarifying questions from my side while we work through ideas and input that will be most helpful to you.
  • By lunchtime we should have the key ingredients identified to put together your action plan for moving forward. These ingredients may include optimum ways for you to leverage your strengths and network and the practical realities of making it happen.
  • It’s time for lunch. We’ll relax and take this time out to re-energise and allow space and time for additional ideas and inspiration. After we’ve had some delicious food, we’ll xxx.
  • The second half of the day is when we drill down to the details of your success map. We’ll use visual tools to map out all the details of your strategy to get you to the solution you need.
  • We’ll finish the day off by doing a quick review of the plan and getting your commitment to completing the first step.


Overwhelm breeds inaction, posing the greatest threat to any business’s growth and success.

  • A 45 minute follow-up call the week after your experience. Powerful, on-demand calls for when you need help removing roadblocks to get back on track and accelerating towards your goals.
  • A stack of Templates, Checklists, Scripts, Cheat Sheets & More. I’ll share with you the behind-the-scenes tools I use to save you money and time in creating your profitable business.

Your Investment

Your Investment



  • The VIP days are usually held at xx and include all meals, refreshments and media.
  • By arrangement, I am happy to come to your office or location of your choice, travel and other expenses are at your cost.
  • The VIP days are usually done with 1 at a time, but if you have a business partner/s other options can be explored.
  • These days require huge amounts of energy as I share with you all I have – my skills, experiences, expertise, recommendations and instinct which means availability for VIP Experience Days are limited to 1 per month.

I’ve been working in corporate for over 25 years across mining, finance, technology, healthcare & construction industries in Africa, Australia and the US.

I’m a certified Project and Change Management Professional and have utilised these skills in disciplines including project management, change management, sales, marketing and communication roll-outs.

Embracing the value of human connection within organisations is the catalyst for a brighter future, where profound relationships drive soaring profits, thriving employees, and flourishing communities. When companies prioritize genuine connections with their employees and customers, profits become a testament to the depth of these relationships, while motivated and empowered employees fuel productivity and innovation.