Finally, a Feel Good Approach to Marketing!

Rating: 5 out of 5!

This is one of those books that I wish I knew about when I was just starting my consulting journey. And if you haven’t read it yet, you definitely should!

Author, Michael Port, walks you through how to define your target market, build credibility, and market yourself but backs it up by supplying simple action steps and exercises. This helped me implement what I was learning all the way through.

This is one of those books I wish I knew about when I was just starting my consulting journey. And if you haven’t read it yet, you definitely should!


His philosophy is that,

“there are people you are meant to serve, and they’re out there waiting for you. When you find them, remember to give so much value that you think you’ve given too much, and then be sure to give more.”

Here’s a list of some of the topics in the book:

  • personal branding;
  • having the courage to talk about what you do;
  • selling (without the yuck!);
  • networking done right;
  • direct outreach;
  • the benefits of speaking and writing;
  • getting comfortable with asking for referrals; and
  • keeping in touch with your clients.

There were so many incredible takeaways from this book, but the 3 standout ones that most impacted my mind frame and business after implementation include:

Michael’s Red Velvet Rope Policy

Don’t avoid regularly culling your client list! You know the ones… when you see their name on your phone or in your inbox, you’d rather stick a pencil in your eye than answer. There is a clear misalignment and you’re doing your client a disservice by not providing your best value. Release them and make space for the clients that inspire and ignite your spark.

Tom Peter’s quote sums it up perfectly,

“This is your life. You are your clients. It’s fair, sensible, and imperative to make these judgments. To dodge doing so shows a lack of integrity.”

Three Components of Your Personal Brand

Your who and do what statement: Who you help and what you help them do. This is about your target market. Example: “I help professional service providers book themselves solid.”

Your why you do it statement: The reason you do what you do. This is about the emotional connection you make with people.
Example: Reason: help people think bigger.
Statement: “I’m the guy to call when you’re tired of thinking small.”

Your tagline: Based on your Why you do it statement and lets others know what it’s like to be around you. It shows who you are at your core and the essence of what you want to achieve in the world.

Book Yourself Solid Dialogue Formula

As Michael says in the book, the primary reason many professionals fail to build their businesses is that they struggle to articulate clearly and compellingly exactly what solutions and benefits they offer without sounding confusing or bland. And by ‘many professionals’ I mean me!

The book forces you to do the hard work and truly get to the core of what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for. At the end of this exercise, you’ll have 3 dialogue formulas (short, mid-length and long) that feels authentic and conveys exactly what you want it to.

I could keep writing but I don’t want to give it all away so if you want to level up yourself and your Practice, this is a keeper, so grab a copy ASAP!