How You Can Build Customer Trust and Loyalty

Strategic Customer Marketing That Grows Your Business

Some companies only focus on cost and their bottom line. As a customer I find this approach insulting and as a marketer I simply find it lazy. 

Instead, implementing customer-oriented strategies that align with consumer needs, experiences and values will elevate any business above the noise. Isn’t a constant flow of satisfied repeat customers paying a fair price is the goal after all? 

It’s Never About You 

A recent study by Deloitte found that customer-centric brands were 60% more profitable than companies that neglected to focus on this. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your ego and assumptions simply don’t matter to your customers!  

If they don’t feel the love, they won’t show the love. Simples. Show them the respect they deserve and put in the work to get to know them & what they want. 

Flow over Hustle 

Having 10 loyal customers who support your business regularly is way better than 20 who buy once and disappear. The constant slog of looking for new customers is a lot more expensive and soul destroying than selling to happy, engaged ones.  

Having a customer-centric approach will drive you to figure out WHY these 20 customers didn’t return instead of just ignoring them. Why not turn them into opportunities? 

Ask questions like: 

  • What factors influenced your decision not to purchase our product? 
  • Was there a specific feature or aspect of our product that you found unappealing? 
  • Did you consider purchasing a similar product from a competitor? If so, which one? 
  • Were there any obstacles that prevented you from completing your purchase? (e.g. technical difficulties, payment issues, etc.) 
  • Did you have a specific use case in mind for our product? If so, were there any features or functions that you felt were missing or inadequate? 

Nowhere is the saying “knowledge is power” truer than in marketing. I challenge you to use these insights to continuously re-assess and improve the way you do business. Who knows what opportunities you could be leaving on the table. 

Everyone Needs a Cheerleader! 

Personal recommendations are the holy grail of conversions. By understanding your customers’ needs, preferences, pain points and possible objections, you’re able to tailor your products, services, and marketing messages to solve their problems. 

You’ll also be able to craft a customer experience second to none. Make every interaction with you and your brand so good that they simply can’t keep the experience to themselves!  

The benefits of transforming customers into your private army of cheerleaders who promote and champion your brand every chance they get, will well and truly outweigh the cost of delivering excellent service. 

Here’s an example. About 8 years ago, I discovered a quaint little neighbourhood clothing boutique. I love clothes but shopping and trying on, not so much! This means I’m usually in a last-minute dizzy-tizzy. 

The boutique owner seemed genuinely interested in me and how she could help. She suggested a few pieces without being salesey in any way. We chatted naturally and comfortably while I tried on a couple of outfits. At the end I walked out with a new dress, and I signed up for her social media.  

The next time I dropped into the boutique, she remembered that I mentioned an upcoming function last time I was in. She told me she had “the perfect dress” for me. “I bet you say that to all the girls!” was my reaction too but she was spot on. The outfit was perfect and of course I bought it.  

Afterwards, I reflected how she nailed the perfect customer journey. The owner had clearly seen and heard me and understood my needs. She helped solve a problem (read: dressing room mirror anxiety) and in the process, she surprised, wowed and delighted me.  

I’ve since moved to a suburb 40 minutes away but I’m still her biggest fan and gladly travel. I’ve referred countless friends and colleagues because I know they’ll have an incredible experience. 

By asking the right questions in the right way, she saves me the nightmare of countless dressing rooms and provides me with a consistently awesome experience. Imagine if you could surprise, wow, and delight your customers in the same way… 

Every business is different, but understanding your customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviours is the first step to achieving this. If you do the hard work of caring for your customer, they’ll almost certainly repay the privilege and care for your business. 

Yes, But.. Overcome Objections Naturally 

Objections are the wasteland where businesses go to die. They are the reasons why a customer may hesitate or decline to make a purchase and can include things like price, quality, sustainability, or inconvenience. Usually, they just mean you haven’t done enough to make possible customers care enough about your solution. 

The boutique owner’s intimate knowledge of what I valued most meant she could address and eliminate my possible objections even before I could think of them. When it came to the buying decision, I didn’t think twice about tapping my credit card. I was happy to pay a premium for the boutique experience she created. 

Prioritising personal connections with your customers will have a significant impact on the success of your business. By understanding them and their needs, you’ll be able to provide a personalised experience that shows you care! 

Ask yourself.. Would you want to do business with you? If your answer isn’t a “Hell yes!” it’s time to get to work.