How Top Sales Teams Embrace ‘No’

As you may be aware, I originally hail from South Africa. In 2004, my family and I made the life-changing decision to leave South Africa in search of a safer and more exciting future. In 2009, we turned that dream into reality for our family, which then consisted of four and a half members, as […]

The Surprising Upside of a Downturn

Your Loyal Customers are More Important Than Ever The Aussie cost of living is going through the roof, and it looks like it’s only going to keep climbing. We’ve had 10 count ’em, 10! consecutive hikes that have taken the cash rate from a measly 0.1% to a whopping 3.85%, and everyone’s feeling the pinch. […]

How You Can Build Customer Trust and Loyalty

Strategic Customer Marketing That Grows Your Business Some companies only focus on cost and their bottom line. As a customer I find this approach insulting and as a marketer I simply find it lazy.  Instead, implementing customer-oriented strategies that align with consumer needs, experiences and values will elevate any business above the noise. Isn’t a […]

Mistaking the Map for the Territory is Costing you Money

Marketing is one of the most critical functions of any business. It’s essential however, to understand that marketing is NOT the same as advertising! Marketing is the whole process of determining Product, Placement, Promotion and Pricing. Advertising may be an essential component of the bigger marketing picture, but it’s still only a single cog within […]